First Blog Post

This one is first blog on Hayat-Al-Hakim. Hayat-Al-Hakim is in Arabic which means Life of Hakim. My intention to make this blog is to write about mine life incidences, achievements, principles and many more. In one word, my life. Posts on this blog will also reflect what do I want to became ? I will try my best to post every week. I hope this is great deal for me.


The other Side

Life is not what you always feel, its about what other feels to be in companion.


Hi, my exams are going on however due to “Gaja”  Cyclone 15 November paper get postponed. the day before 15, we all got relaxed and anxious-ed to  know what will happen and how thing will go on next. Since, we are relaxing, I decided to finish 13 Reason Why season 1(an Netflix Original Series). By watching it, i get to know that how it is important to have a view and perspective of other side.

My leaving style is not usual as others, i mean, i do not usually interact with people around me. I do when they become familiar after little . I am an introvert. Whenever i have talked, my talks are not longer,effective and i do not think about other side.

After, watching 13 Reason Why i get to know that people around you are important and they deserve a place in your life even you do not want to have. It might become a reason to be on planet.

It is always required to know how other thinks about any thing, what is their views and understand them to make better yourselves and them.

Who I am and Why I’m here

Hi, My name is Hakim Jahan. I am a student. I am from India. I born in New Delhi, India. I love my name, it has two different meaning, first is “King” & second one is “Doctor”. However, I prefer first one, King. Currently, I am studying Physics in The Central University of TamilNadu. Here, I am doing Integrated Master of Science. By pursuing physics, I want to accomplish my dream.

I have started this blog to express my feelings through writing. In this blog, I will write about my experiences, struggles, motivations, inspirations, etc. Through this blog, I want to conquer not just my fear of writing but also longe writing. Though, I like to read news about events, politics, & current affairs by using online platforms. However, I don’t have reading habit when it comes to novels, books and other texts. My expectation, while learning blogging, I would develop reading habit & skill in parallel to blog writing…

My Speech in CUTN for Youth Parliament 2017

Youth Parliament @CUTN

On the 29 August 2017, My CUTN conducted a Youth Parliament session in association with Ministry Of Parliamentary Affairs. In which, I was a member of opposition. I was given an opportunity to speak on The National Health Policy Bill, 2017. Here, it is as follow

Honorable Speaker Madam, it is my great pleasure to speak in 14th NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT on NATIONAL HEALTH POLICY BILL, 2017. Present Public Health System is  currently under pressure. That is why, treachery bench has been forced to place the Bill. We find present bill inadequate in number of ways. Madam Speaker, I strongly oppose this bill of the govt.

Madam Speaker,

As the population of the country has increased, the condition of the public health system has become worse then earlier. Three years past by now. Madam Speaker, govt is still in half sleep. I want ask a question to The Treachery bench,  did they have ever visited any public district Hospital ? Answer would obviously be No. Because Treachery Bench is enjoying moments being in power. If they are govt of people, they have visited to District Hospital. Let me make aware this house about the condition of public hospital, because I have visited their many time. What I find their, Madam Speaker, over crowd, people being in queues of medicine form registration, doctors are on leave, in sufficient staff and no cleanliness at all. This is the condition of public hospital. In proposed Bill, Madam Speaker,  to curb these serious problems, govt propose to promote District Hospitals into Medical Colleges by turning back on root causes of problems. According to a recent report on “The Health Workforce in India” published in June 2016 by WORD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), in villages only 18.8 % of total Allopathic Doctors are qualified and all over the country, half of them don’t even have any qualification. In addition to these, in your party run state govt has many charges of VYAPAM SCAM, which was largely on fake admission for MBBS seats. ‘Hanthi ke dant khanne ke aur dikhanne ke aur’. This govt is only of words, not of action.

Madam Speaker,

As GDP of the country increased however income of common

people hardly increased. Even if one member of common family is suffering from long term disease. Then  Whole income go to it. Govt must take burden of common people. According to a recent statistics of WORLD BANK on Health expenditure, Madam Speaker, people of India pay 80% of the total Health expenditure of the country out of their pocket. Madam Speaker, our country is among those country where government spends on Health is very less. These were the reasons behind the Health Ministry’s proposal to make the Health access a Fundamental Right as we have right to education in the first draft of this bill. These issues requires serious attention and strong will of the government. It is very sad for the country that latter on government dropped this idea. This shows the seriousness and inability of government. Government says it is their one of the “landmark bill”. Is it so ?

Madam Speaker, in section 12,  i quote from bill, it says “govt propose the major reform for public health – where operational cost would be in the form of reimbursement for care provision and on a per capita basis for primary care”. With this provision, what government wants to do ? It will increase the burden on people to fill various form of reimbursement and the number of queues. Many such difficulties will arise due to this provision. Instead of this, government should make provision to have reserve funds for daily operations of Hospitals.

Madam Speaker, in section 12, clause 1 of National Health Policy Bill 2017, government propose, government will purchase the various Health services from private health sector. By this provision, Madam Speaker, government is turning back on its responsibilities and removing its  accountability. By this provision, people and activists will have extra duty to make private health service providers accountable. Government should make regulator to make the private health sector more accountable and government should strengthen the present public health system instead of purchasing health service.

These are various problems in this bill, Madam Speaker, I strongly oppose this Bill.

If this is the government of common people. Government should make health access a fundamental right. Let the people of country, enjoy now the health access as a Fundamental right when it is needed most..

Thank You

Honorable Speaker Madam.

This was my whole speech. Did you like it. Please do write your comment below.